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“Life gives you plenty of time to do what you want if you stay in the moment.”  Deepak Chopra


"Consciousness is the first step towards the freedom to be fully yourself."

EFT Li Chin Lu Psychothérapeute humaniste et holistique conscience en soi Vannes et Sarzea
Psycho-behavioral support for in-depth introspection and personal development with therapeutic supports:

Adult / Teenager / Child / Couple / Family

In practice in Vannes and Sarzeau / Remotely /

Travel possible for people with reduced mobility...

RED Directed Active Imagination and RES Spontaneous Active Imagination 
Anchorin Meditation

Group workshops: Stress management / EFT / Art therapy: company, school, association... 

Sometime we think that life punishes us... that we will never get out of our exhausting ordeals, our discomforts, our illnesses, our lack of confidence, our confusions... that the race in life cannot be the only goal...

And at the same time we have the feeling of missing out on real life.

The request for accompaniment is a step towards a desire for change, for understanding in order to suffer less discomfort and confusion.  

I am a practitioner of EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique. It is an effective psycho-energetic treatment, acupuncture without needes, which free you from emotions, cognitive and physical, related to: phobias, traumas, fears, mourning, stress, addiction, etc. The work is done by tapping on the meridian points, while putting feelings into words - for one-off work and daily relief. It is a technique accessible for all ages, even young children, which I like to pass on.

I am also a Humanist Psychopractitioner, enlightened by a holistic philosophy. A process of introspection will be proposed if you are experiencing difficult relationships, if you suffer from a lack of self-esteem, or if you are at a crossroads in your life. My support will help you restart and find your compass in life. This psycho-corporal and psycho-behavioral support (tcc) aims to treat you and enlighten you on your existential questions. You will anchor yourself in your resilience and even feel the deep meaning of your life.

My methods of holistic accompaniment: EFT, meditation, art therapy (creation of the mandala) and active-imagination dreaming, will allow you to introspect your inner speech, understand and control your emotions, to have awareness on the value of yourself and of life. The alchemy of your emotional body will allow you to find strength and determination towards your personal fulfillment.

With pleasure,



<< For too long our couple had been at an impasse. Meeting Li allowed us to question ourselves calmly about our situation by identifying the blockages and expectations of each, and thus renewing the dialogue. Li accompanies us individually and jointly, she knows how to put words to our problems. Our exchanges are valuable and constructive and are always done with respect for everyone.
Thank you Li. >>
- Marie L ( Opinion on Directory Therapists )
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