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Who am I ?

"I am not what happened. I am what I choose to become."   Carl Gustav Jung

I was born in Taiwan into a family of 7 children. My parents, fearing a war with China, decided to move when my older brother was of age to serve in the army. Argentina welcomed us. I was 4 years old. These were difficult years. My parents, not speaking the language, had to adapt and embarked on a family business.

Seven years later, we immigrated to the United States hoping for a better life, but again had to learn a new language. For years, we children worked every day for the family business, accompanying our parents who did not speak English, while studying. I studied Political Science after winning a scholarship. During these university years, I took the opportunity to be a peer-counselor, trained to support and accompany my comrades who were going through difficult times (complexes, addictions... and even suicide attempts).

Then I moved to New York with a job offer in finance. Searching for more meaning in my life, I became a fundraiser for different causes, such as research on dystonia and Parkinson's disease, the natural history museum, a college dedicated to black girls, a project of art therapy for children, etc.

Ten years later, I obtained a work visa in London as a coordinator and trainer in a project aimed at training young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods to become “young educators” in the field. They led sessions in nonviolent communication and philosophical discussions on identity, racism, citizenship and humanity. They also intervened to heal the wounds between the "gangs" in conflict. It was a good way to give them a training rich in spirit and method - and a certification recognized by the state - while offering them paid and rewarding work, leading them to autonomy and a real involvement in society. Being a role model for others, they attracted hundreds of other young people to training and their work subsequently impacted many thousands more children. These young educators have become aware of their power on several dimensions, becoming a major key to solving the problems of violence, racism, identity and loss of autonomy.


I have been living in France since 2007. I am the mother of two children born here and I became a psychotherapist - roles that require a lot of benevolence.

We are all capable of expanding our points of view, seeing beyond the image we have of ourselves and of life, which is sometimes misunderstood and very underestimated. When we succeed in being anchored in resilience, love and knowledge, our reflections guide us to become truly active in our life and to feel its fullness.

I am dedicated to helping you understand and overcome difficult times, building on your self-confidence. You will realize that it is possible to transmute negative states and move forward in this experience called life.  



  • Diploma, BAC + 3, Political Science, Skidmore, Saratoga Springs, New York, 1991
  • Certification, LOCN Trainer Training, Tower Hamlets, London, 2003
  • Certification, EFT Practitioner Level 3, EFT Training Center, Rennes, 2019
  • Diploma, Human Relations Advisor, 3 years, IPHT Institute of Humanist and Transpersonal Psychology (Jung, Maslow, Grof, Aristote, Tresmontant), Nantes, 2020
  • Continuing Education and Supervision, Art Therapy and Psychoanalyst, 5th Year, IPHT, Nantes, 2021-22
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