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<< I leave a comment which seems interesting and important to me in order to share my experience which turned out to be incredible and yet I have seen different therapists who offer other methods but this is the first time that I have had a such a change, a (positive) result, such a strong feeling, an awareness of my emotions, blockages and suffering. Li put me at ease quickly, I felt confident, because of her attentiveness, her gentleness, her benevolence, her professionalism. Thanks to her, I managed to release many of my sufferings that some I didn't even suspect. So incredible !! I came out of my session refreshed with good energy, an open mind. Since then, I follow her advices, when the need arises, I practice the EFT exercises that she gave me. I see, think and do things differently. Seeing the result on myself, I am convinced that the practice she offers is truly beneficial, wonderful and remarkable. I can only recommend it. Really have to try to believe it. >>
- Veronique H.  ( Reviews on Google Business and Therapist Directories )
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